Think of mold and water damage like best friends, you will never see one with without the other. Any water damage, either man-made or by a natural disaster, can eventually lead to a serious mold outbreak. How? Well, mold is a type of fungi that grow specifically due to a moisture in the air. Most indoor molds occur either in the walls, floor, or attic of a home. All of these spaces typically are enclosed with dry wall, carpet, or the actual structure of the roof. Because moisture is essentially trapped in a confined space, it eventually will grow in mold. More importantly the mold will have spores. These spores can be dangerous because once the spores are airborne, the mold will grow in any open space it can find.

Three Reasons for Mold Clean Up

Household mold typically will occur if there is poor ventilation in the home, increased humidity, or warm weather. With these three factors, mold can build up and take over a space. The worst part about mold is that it will grow in areas you cannot easily see, such as your walls or your attic. However, when you become aware of mold build-up, you will know what to do — call a mold restoration company. After all, their are three main reasons why you should call a mold restoration company, if you see an apparent mold infestation.

The Health of Your Home
The Health of Your Family
The Value of Your Home or the State of Your Business

Mold is like a sickness to your home. If left untreated, untold damage could occur to your home. For instance, if mold manifests in your attic or roof, you will need to contact a roof or attic mold removal service. If you do not, the mold might become so untamable that you may have to rebuild your attic or roof. Of course, a whole roof reconstruction would be substantially more costly than any mold removal cost.
Spores are airborne and if allowed to freely move around your home or commercial business, your loved ones or customers could be inhaling in the spores. Mold infestations can cause an array of health problems, such as respiratory issues.
The health department mold inspections are put in place to make sure that any business is free of mold. If your business is found to have a mold problem you could be find and have to close your doors permanently. After all, who would want to buy from a business that could poison them with mold spores?

24/7 Mold Restoration Company

If you are currently battling a mold outbreak, or wanting to take the steps necessary to prevent a mold outbreak, contact 24/7 Local Restoration Clean Up. We have trained professionals that will be able to help you with commercial business and house mold removal. Mold issues can grow to be uncontrollable in a matter of weeks. Don’t hesitate to begin your mold clean up and mold damage repairs. Keep your home and business functional and safe, contact us today.