Have you ever opened a bag of bread or bagels and noticed that the food was green and smelled bad? Well, imagine that, but the bread is your house—that is what a household mold infestation is like. The whole home is entirely taken over and is no longer usable. Of course, this is only the case if the entire home or building is taken over by mold. It is possible to have only a room, or even a cabinet that is taken over, and the rest of the home is still usable. Whether the whole home is compromised or not, you will eventually need to hire a mold clean up service. Why?

Symptoms of Mold in Your House

For your home or commercial building, a mold breakout could severely limit the strength of any infected areas. In the case of your home, if there is a mold breakout in your roof and you leave it unaddressed, you may need to completely redo your roof. Worse, damages to your roof, walls, and even your foundation could cost you thousands of dollars. Because of this, if you are suspicious of mold building up in your home or building it is important to hire a mold inspector. They will be able to test and see if your property has mold spores growing. If you have a positive reading, it is wise to contact a mold restoration company as soon as possible. Mold does not take long to spread, worse it takes even less time to affect the areas in which it is growing.

Mold Issues? Call a professional!

It takes roughly 24 to 48 hours for mold to grow in an area. If left unattended, the mold could go and spread over an entire room within a week. If your home has any leaks, or even a poor ventilation system, mold will be able to grow freely. If you are struggling with a mold outbreak, contact us today.