Household mold or commercial building mold problems are never simple. Most times there is an overarching reason why there is a mold outbreak on your property. For example, mold only grows when it has a supply of moisture. If you live in a moisture-rich area, your property may be in danger. If you know your home may be at risk for a mold outbreak, you need to make sure that your home is checked for mold regularly. If your HVAC system is not working properly, mold could be allowed to grow in your building. Also, if your home is the victim of flooding or a natural storm, things such as water or wet items could introduce moisture to any area. Because of this, mold can be allowed to grow and take over a space, without you even noticing. The worst part of this growth is that the mold can overgrow an area and decay the surrounding materials, ultimately making them useless. In the case of major systems, such as your walls, floors, and roofs, decay could make living in your home dangerous.

Mold Damage

When mold grows, it naturally decays anything that it rests on. From wood to other materials, if mold is freely being allowed to grow it will destroy an area. This may not cause alarm right away, but depending on where the mold is growing and how fast it is growing, it could change the severity of the situation. For example, if mold is growing on your roof after a storm, it could grow so much that it starts to decay your roof and the supports holding it up. Because of this, mold could compromise your roof and threaten your life. It is important to do not only regular maintenance checks on your roof, but your building as well. By doing so, you may be able to catch problems before they develop into bigger, less manageable issues.

Black Mold

Mold can grow very fast, and as little as 48 hours, mold can grow and begin spreading to other areas in your home or commercial building. Mold is a health and safety hazard in more ways than one. Some types of mold, such as black mold, has fatal effects if it is inhaled repeatedly. Typically, if you are breathing in mold spores you will have flu-like symptoms, however, everyone responds to mold spores differently. So sometimes, figuring out if you’re sick with a common cold or infected with mold spores is hard to tell.

Mold Removal and Restoration Services

If you are currently battling with a mold infestation, 24/7 Local Restoration Cleanup is the mold cleaning company you want to contact. We have trained professionals that are willing to handle any of your mold restoration needs