Mold Outbreak Symptoms

If you have been feeling under the weather at home, but miraculously feel better when you leave, perhaps there is a bigger issue at work. Mold can build up in your home without you noticing in as little as a week. It only takes mold to initially grow in less than 24 hours. As mold grows, it releases tiny spores into the air. This is mold’s way of expanding and infecting other areas. If you live in a home or building that has a mold problem, you will most likely experience some uncomfort. If you breathe in the spores, your lungs could become irritated and cause excessive coughing and even choking. Mold infestations can also cause you to feel nauseous and cause other flu-like symptoms, such as itchy eyes, sneezing, fatigue, etc. Sometimes it can be difficult to discern what is a natural cold, and what is your bodies response to a mold outbreak.

Why are Mold Restoration Important?

If you have a mold outbreak you need to address the problem almost immediately. If you do nothing about the mold it will continue to grow and contaminate the air in your home. Worse, if the mold is allowed to grow freely it will take over your home and decay everything it touches. Mold is especially good at rotting away wood and compromising its strength. Unfortunately, homes are primarily made of lumber, which make them vulnerable to mold. If being sick from the air in your home isn’t enough to address your mold problem, perhaps the deterioration of your home will encourage you to seek help.

24/7 Local Restoration Mold CleanUp

If you are currently struggling with a mold issue, don’t think you can try to deal with it alone. If mold is given enough time it can weaken the main supports of your home. Because of this, cleaning mold-covered areas can be more difficult than you might think. It is important that you leave the job to the professionals. Contact us today.