If you live in an area that is prone to humidity, having your home routinely checked for mold in imperative. If you do not keep a watchful eye on the state of your home, you could be surprised by a mold infestation. Mold can be a tricky fungus to spot, as it can sometimes can “hide” within your walls and your floors. Because of this, you may not even know of the hazard currently growing in your home or commercial building.

Mold Remediation

Mold can be dangerous for two reasons: your health and the health of your building. If mold is allowed to grow, unaddressed, it will overtake an area. This can be a huge problem because it can rot an area past the point of repair. Instead, you may have to pay for a full replacement of your floors, walls, even your roof! Mold can be a destructive force, and also can grow fast than you would think. For example, mold can grow within 24 to 48 hours, and colonize in one to 12 days. In just the time that you go on vacation, your home could see thousands of dollars in damages.
On the slight chance you don’t know the mold is growing in your house, you could be the victim of a mold outbreak that could affect your health. Mold spreads when its spores release into the air. If you are living in a mold-infested home, you are probably inhaling those spores. Typically, spores will cause respiratory problems, as well as other issues, such as liver and intestinal problems.

24/7 Local Restoration Mold CleanUp

If your health and home aren’t enough reason for you to take immediate action, mold can cost you money. Because of all the damage to your home, you may face thousands of dollars in material replacement, such as a roof or floor replacement. If you would like to take care of your mold problem immediately, the best way to find a solution is to call your local mold restoration services company. At 24/7 Location Restoration, we strive to be the best mold cleanup company in the North, as well as South Carolina. With our motivation, we will be able to give you swift cleanup services that will allow you to rebuild and move on with your life. Contact our business today for any of your mold restoration needs.