Think of mold like a virus, but for your house. Just one bit of mold can grow unruly and can take over the foundation of your cabinet, room, or your whole house. Essentially, if a home is covered with gross mold, it is a like a type of sickness. If not treated, your home may need complete repair or even, in the most serious cases — demolition. You love your home, so why let it get that bad? Mold can actually grow right under your nose and you would never know. Not all people have symptoms when exposed to mold spores. Because mold is a type of fungus, it produces spores that can easily spread. These spores can travel and infect the air and areas around it. When you live in a home that is infested with mold, you could be breathing in the spores. Mold spores can be toxic, and cause a plethora of symptoms from flu-like symptoms to respiratory problems.

Why Should You Care About House Mold Removal?

Aside from your house being “sick,” and your household being actually sick from the mold build up, an infestation could cost you thousands. After a while, mold will begin to decay its original area, then disperse around your home. If ignored, the mold could grow all over your home and begin to compromise the materials of your house. For example, if mold is growing inside the walls of your home, eventually the walls will lose their support and fall apart. This is problematic for you, as in some home’s walls are what supports the foundation of a home. Without a reliable foundation for your home, you will have to call in for emergency restoration and damage repairs. Of course, repairing the supports of your house will be expensive, costing you and your family thousands of dollars in fees.

Commercial and Household Mold Removal Services

At 24/7 Local Restoration Clean Up, we strive to offer our customers the very best in mold restoration services. We understand that natural forces and even a small leak could result into a mold outbreak. Worse of all, we understand how sneaky outbreaks can be. If you are the victim of a mold infestation in your home or business, contact us. We will be able to handle the situation quickly and effectively, so you can move on with your life and forget that the whole thing ever happened!